Monday, 3 October 2011


I have been working like an illustration beaver for the past month but unfortunately, I can't show any of it to anybody. Except for this mini project I did with Ten Paces & Draw. Ten Paces is an awesome blog set up by Alyssa Nassner (whose illustrations are superb), where illustrators are asked to create sketches based on a subject, which are then passed onto another illustrator to finish off in their own unique style. It's a very clever way of approaching collaboration and produces some wonderful results. 

We were given the simple brief of Monsters. Below is the draft that I came up with, finished off by the ace illustrator Lydia Nichols (I've loved her work for a long time so I was chuffed when I found out she'd finished mine off). There is also a draft from Kyle Fewell (again a very talented human being) and the finished image I created from that.

The Medieval Monster I designed is also available to purchase here.

The whole experience was great, and despite it being very awkward timing (in the middle of about 6 commissions), I'm very glad I did it. Hopefully I'll have time to contribute to the blog again soon