Saturday, 20 October 2012


This piece was created for The Guardian about treating yourself & feeling good about it.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I created this image for The Manual. Each image in the book is made with a single yellow plate and a single black plate, so the preparation for the final could only be black and yellow at different gradients. It was a fun way to work. My piece accompanied an article about the way that web-based typographers have to experiment with 'phrasing' much in the same way actors do when rehearsing lines.


In the process of creating a final piece for my new book with Templar, I accidentally hid an integral layer in Photoshop. This was what my screen showed me. I really liked it, so I thought, why not share it. Enjoy ...


This piece was an editorial for Smithsonian Magazine, about the Pilgrims that escaped from a hostile England on the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth Rock. They were then an integral part of the creation of the U.S.


It's Nice That featured my work on their blog the other day, along with some very nice words:

Coming across Owen Davey’s portfolio again was like running into an old friend on the street that you’ve absent-mindedly lost touch with – simultaneously really enjoyable and mildly guilt-ridden. You see we featured some of Owen’s work on the site way back when royal wedding hysteria was in full swing. He’d been working at Orange, had illustrated some charming plates and we vowed to ourselves that we’d give his work more of the space it deserved. But then we just lost touch (figuratively speaking).

Needless to say Owen’s illustrations are pretty darn excellent. He’s mastered a folk-influenced style of image-making that manages to appeal equally to adults and children without being saccharine – his approachable characters look spot on whether they’re adorning the pages of a wordless picture book or the opinion pages of The New York Times. So get yourself acquainted with Owen’s work as we’re pretty confident you’ll enjoy it as much as we do, albeit without those latent feelings of guilt.