Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Call It A Night

Here are a couple of reviews of Knight Night, posted on the Templar Website:

I remember seeing Owen Davey’s work for the very first time back in Foyles Gallery after his first roughs for Foxly’s Feasthad been highly commended. It really stood out. Alongside his fantastically bold style it was a real breath of fresh air, having no text at all. Don't get me wrong I like a good piece of text, and love the way text is integrated into most picture books. Yet this really drew me in, I was amazed with the amount of information I could read from Owen’s illustrations alone. It reminded me of being young ‘reading’ Raymond Briggs’ A Snowman story in my head, making up my own lines and conversation as I flicked through the wonderfully descriptive illustrations. Knight Night, like Owen’s first book, demonstrates this great ability to tell stories using very little if any words at all.

Knight Night is quietly humorous from start to finish, as the Little Knight's imagination is truly reflected by the imaginative pictures illustrating the little boy’s real world, alongside how it is seen through his playful eyes. It really made me smile and it has all the charm of Oliver Jeffers' work.

Kids are truly the harshest critics and my nephew went straight to the kitchen cupboard for the colander (or should I say knight’s helmet) so I think that’s two big thumbs up!

Kristyna Litten

Knight Night was an enchanting and enjoyable book, perfect for any little boys (or budding knights!).
Its readers can follow the brave knight on his quest to bed through forests and past crocodiles and up a castle wall. What I particularly enjoyed was the blurred lines between reality and fantasy. It created the perfect story world for all to enjoy.
The book helps make bedtime more fun and enjoyable, whilst still keeping it about the task at hand. The full and busy pages keep children easily engaged, with plenty to look at, whilst teaching them that yes, even brave knight’s have to brush their teeth.
Knight Night was an absolute pleasure to read.

Pamela Roach

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


My lovely agency Folio got me this job. I have no idea who it was for or what the hell it was about...nobody did. But I like the colour palette.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


I was commissioned again to create the third single from The Leisure Society's new album, Into The Murky Water (listen to or buy it here).


I was recently featured on a Spanish website called End Topic. Thought I would share it with everyone. Visit the site here to see what they say about me & look at some more of my work.

Monday, 22 August 2011


My second Picture Book with Templar is out and available for purchase here. There have already been two wonderful reviews of it here & here. Below are some photos of the finished book, but it looks better in real life, so GO & BUY IT!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I recently had the chance to create a bunch of book covers for an Orange: The Feed post. This was a ridiculously fun project. Here they are:


I was commissioned to create a map of Kerala which is an state in south-west India.