Saturday, 8 October 2011


I've had some wonderful reviews of my new book, 'Knight Night', from a variety of sources and I thought I'd share some quotes with you:

"Beautifully illustrated in autumnal oranges, burgundies and browns by Junior Design Best Newcomer Winner Owen Dave, Knight Night has a simple narrative about a boy’s bedtime routine. Yet in the illustrations, we see our hero imagining he is really a brave knight, climbing mountains on his trusty unicorn, saying Night Night to his pet dragon and tidying his precious things away into a mysterious treasure chest. A wonderful way to turn the daily bedtime ritual into something far more exotic for children with vivid imaginations." (Junior Magazine)

"This is his second children's book and his distinctive style effectively brings to life a tale which is simple yet brimful of detail and adventure. One of the strengths of the book is how the author plays with the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The palette of colours used by Owen Davey, is as in Foxly's Feast, striking and original, especially for a children's picture book. It is limited, with shades of brown and orange and a variety of warm colours. The effect is not only beautiful, but also particularly fitting for a bedtime story, as those tones ooze a relaxed mood." (Library Mice)

"This picture book has some of the most utterly beautiful illustrations I've ever seen...It's pretty much the perfect book for any little kid who loves knights and castles. (And are there any little kids who don't? I'm sure there must be, but I haven't met them yet.) My little boy adores it." (Stephanie Samphire, Amazon)

"Knight Night was an enchanting and enjoyable book, perfect for any little boys (or budding knights!). Its readers can follow the brave knight on his quest to bed through forests and past crocodiles and up a castle wall. What I particularly enjoyed was the blurred lines between reality and fantasy. It created the perfect story world for all to enjoy. The book helps make bedtime more fun and enjoyable, whilst still keeping it about the task at hand. The full and busy pages keep children easily engaged, with plenty to look at, whilst teaching them that yes, even brave knight’s have to brush their teeth. Knight Night was an absolute pleasure to read. " (Pamela Roach, Good Reads)