Tuesday, 14 September 2010


The following text is a review by My First Poem. Visit here to see it in context as well as an interview with me:

(The book review is by Lilly, aged 2 along with her mum)
Lilly really liked the pictures, especially the scenes with a lot going on in them. She had fun naming all the animals and food and she understood that the fox and owl were hungry and the start and full up after their picnic. Lilly loved the fox so much she kissed him!

We found this to be an engaging book and no words meant we discussed the pictures and talked about what could happen, for example, would Foxly eat an animal? Why had he got a backpack? Lilly enjoyed the book and although it’s a large book it’s not bulky so it was ideal for her to hold on her lap and ‘read’. The fact that Foxly’s adventure was one a human could have made it much easier for Lilly to relate to the story, and having a vegetarian in the family also helped! I recommend this book as a great family read, you can let your imaginations create alternative story lines for Foxly meaning Foxly’s Feast won’t grow old.