Monday, 11 October 2010


I would like you to read the below story. It was written in response to my wordless book, Foxly's Feast. It was created by a young girl in my mum's school and it is lovely. I see bright things for the future of this girl. I have kept in the spelling mistakes for your enjoyment:

Foxsly wa was hungry, his tummy was growling like a lion. So he decided to find something to eat. First, he went to the woods, in the woods there was were some apple tr trees so he got some -> apples. He also saw a bird and he tnvited him to his feast. Next, he went to the farm and there he found some coliflower cauliflower so he got some of that for his feast. The he asked the chickens if they wanted to come to his feast. He said politely "would you like to come to my feast?" they said yes. Then he came across a pont, in the pond there were some animals and he invite them to his feast too. Also, he picked some bright, yellow sweetcorn wrapped inside o pure green leaves. After that, he dipped his head in the deep, blue pond so he invite the -> scaly fish. Then he yo climbed climbed out of the water. When he was out he saw some grey rats so he invited them to his feast. Then, he wa pocked his head down a rabit hole he invited the rabbits to his feast then gathered -> up some currots.

in the distance he could see a field, -> he decided too go there. In that field there were some brown and white sheep and there was some -> green brocly. so he picked some also he invited the sheep. Then he got prepared for the feast. The he asked the owl to his feast. T Everybody tucked in. The owl and Foxly were full up.